What to Consider When Designing Your Carport

While your home provides your family with shelter from harsh weather, a carport can offer your car the same protection. They can also offer a great shaded space for a grill or picnic table where you can entertain guests without harmful exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which can get dangerously strong during the Clearwater summer months.

However, there are things to consider before you can move forward with designing and installing a unit.

What Is the Primary Use for Your Carport?

Carports can offer a number of advantages beyond sheltering your vehicle.

  • Weather safety: These units protect both you and your property from inclement Clearwater weather. If built in close proximity to your house, they can keep you dry when going from your car to your home.
  • Convenience: Because these structures have no walls or doors, it is easier to carry groceries inside without the struggle of unlocking and fumbling with multiple doors. This also means that they are well ventilated and won’t raise your energy bills at all.
  • Storage and organization: In addition to storing your car, they can also store boats, motorcycles, and other vehicles. You can also use them to store tools, sporting equipment, gardening supplies, etc.
  • Entertainment space: If you’re looking for a shaded area to barbecue and entertain friends and family outdoors, these coverings may be just the right option.

What Size Carport Do You Need?

Once you’ve determined what your carport will be used for, you can decide its dimensions. These structures can range from small to large enough to house up to four cars.

What Materials Will Look And Work Best?

These coverings come in a variety of building material and color options. Aluminum is the most popular option because it is affordable and rust-resistant. However, the strength and durability of steel can also give peace of mind to those looking for longevity in their investment. Each material comes with different color options as well so that you can get a great looking unit that matches your existing structures.

Whether you’re in need of a shaded workspace or a shelter for your vehicle, Florida Shed of Clearwater has you covered with quality custom carports. Check out our Carport Estimator or call us today at 727-347-1616 to see how we can help you.

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