Unexpected Uses for Carports

It is well-known that carports are used to help protect Plant City vehicles from the elements. This structure can do much more than just house your ride, though. One alternative can even help recoup the cost of building your structure, while maintaining its original purpose.

Here are two lesser-known ways you can make the most of it that will allow you to take full advantage of its possibilities:

Solar Panels

These systems can be built onto existing Plant City carports, or they are incorporated into new structures. Solar panels can be a great way to save money in the long run as there are tax credit incentives for installation, in addition to the potential electric bill savings.

The size of the covering will determine how big the panels can be, thus determining how much power you will be able to generate. The system is usually tied into the existing electrical grid, so you can use it in conjunction with the power you get from your utility company or for simple things like heating your pool water. This will allow you to save money without limitation.

If you have an electric vehicle, it is the perfect place for a charging station!


Carports can easily be transformed into a patio. Whether this is a temporary transformation or a long-term one, it will not take much effort. It is a great way to utilize space if your Plant City home does not have a lot of yard space, or you just need an additional covered space.

The area can be a shady place for a family cookout, or on a rainy day you can quickly move an outdoor party under the structure for protection from the elements!

Florida Shed Company Carports

At the Florida Shed Company, we have various designs and materials for you to choose from. Carports are generally thought of as an open covering, but they can also be fully enclosed like a garage. We have dedicated professionals who will help you every step of the way when you are ready to make this addition to your Plant City property.

If you would like more information or are ready to start building, call us at 727-524-9191.

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