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Storage sheds are a fantastic solution for Bradenton homeowners who want to get rid of clutter plaguing their homes. Whether you need extra space to tuck away unused furniture, seasonal holiday decorations, lawn care equipment, or old children’s toys, a custom-built unit from Florida Shed Company can take excess items out of your home and provide a safe shelter for them to remain out of the way.

Choosing the Design for Your Storage Sheds

Because all Bradenton homeowners have different needs when it comes to stowing your belongings, we offer a number of customizable options to build a unit that meets your unique specifications. The best storage sheds are designed to optimize spatial needs and capacity, so before you choose a base design, think about the intended use for your unit.

The more time you intend to spend in your unit, the more you need to consider design options such as lighting, roof height, ventilation, windows, and skylights. It is also important to construct storage sheds with shelves, slat walls, and hooks in order to maximize usable space.

The Gator

The Gator design is available in three popular base models among Bradenton residents. As with all our options, you can tailor the model to meet your own specifications.

  • The 16’x10’x11’ is a sensible design with a large capacity.
  • The Mini Barn has four-part “gamble” raised roof, which provides ample overhead space, making it convenient to comfortably stand up and walk around in.
  • The Super is a two-story design and one of the biggest options we offer.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane is economic, stylish, and popular among homeowners because it offers a minimum 7’ sidewall and allows for a door to be placed on any of the four sides.

The Seminole

Available in two different sized options, the Seminole storage sheds come in either the 12’x8’x9’ or the 16’x10’x9’ model. Both models offer Bradenton homeowners a minimum 7’ sidewall, as well as the possibility to build off-center doors, add windows, and install more advanced lighting installations.

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer model is best suited for individuals or families with basic needs, boasting a minimum 6’ sidewall. The Elite design option comes with a 12” soffit and center roofline.

Our experts know that designing a unit can be overwhelming if you aren’t certain what size is best for your spatial needs. We recommend assessing your belongings and constructing a unit that can store up to 25% more in order to ensure future use.

About Florida Shed Company

If you are sick and tired of all the clutter taking up your home or garage, call Bradenton’s trusted construction company. At Florida Shed Company, we design and install storage sheds for residents who are in desperate need of extra space on their properties to tuck away little-used items. Whether you need to store seasonal sporting equipment or old boxes of clothes that aren’t being worn, these units offer convenient access when you need it but protection for securing valuables.

Our units go beyond what the competitors are offering to be both stylish and fully functional. Plus, our online estimator lets you start designing right from the comfort of your own home, choosing windows, lighting, door placement, and more. You can even add a second story to your structure for more versatility.

If you choose our company, our contractors will meet with you at your convenience, show you what is popular among homeowners in your area, and detail the customizable options that are available to you. To learn more about how we help Bradenton area homeowners build budget-friendly, stylish storage sheds to enhance their properties, give us a call today at 727-524-9191.

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