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In St. Petersburg, Largo, and Tampa, it’s always a great time to install new outdoor storage sheds.  Our temperate Florida climate ensures that on almost any day of the year you’ll be able to enjoy the great outdoors.  However, this produces the inconvenience of finding a less difficult place to store your outdoor power equipment, sports gear, toys or even vehicles than a storage unit or the attic.

Storage sheds not only that you have easy and reliable access to all of your belongings, but also provide an attractive location to store it all and un-clutter your home.  When you begin searching for the right company to buy a shed from, it is imperative you choose one that is trustworthy, with a solid and loyal customer base.  A discount contractor may save you a few dollars up front, but the price you pay will be the lasting quality and durability of the structure.

We Offer More Than Just Sheds

At Florida Shed we help our customers from start to finish.  This is why we not only sell durable custom garages, storage sheds, and carports, but also offer:

  • Delivery and installation
  • 100% financing for Florida residents
  • Free online estimate
  • The guarantee of almost 20 years of dependable service
  • In home appointments
  • Warranties

We’ll assist you through the entire process.  From helping you decide which unit is best for your property and your needs, to the installation and follow up, we’ll be by your side.

The reason we’re willing to offer such comprehensive service is because we stand behind the quality of the products we provide.  For example, we use Smart Panel siding which is:

  • An ideal and durable exterior for areas of high winds
  • Composed of a silica-free strand substrate so it cuts like real wood
  • Easily aligned utilizing a shiplap edge, advanced bead and notch system
  • Treated with our SmartGuard® process to protect against termite damage and rot
  • Pre-primed for easy painting
  • Considerably lighter than standard fiber cement panels
  • Makes additional sheathing unnecessary as it can be nailed directly to the stud
  • Strong enough to eliminate the need for back-bracing on any load-bearing walls

Total Customization for St. Petersburg, Largo, and Tampa Residents

Sheds by Florida Shed Company
Since we offer not only custom hurricane, garden, wood, and vinyl storage sheds, but also carports and garages customizable up to two stories tall with 4 rolling doors, we have an extensive catalog to choose from.  Below are examples of only a few configurations we offer for just some of the units we carry. Remember, all of our structures are fully customizable and can be built to any size specifications you desire.

The Hurricane is an economical and stylish model with a minimum 7’ sidewall that allows for door placement on any of the four walls.

The Gator

  • The Mini Barn has a four part “gamble” roof that gives these storage sheds both a timeless and attractive design.  The raised roof design also provides owners with ample overhead space.
  • The 16’ x 10’ x 11’ is one of our most popular configurations due to its large capacity yet practical size.
  • The Super includes a full second story with stairs, and can be customized for a 1 to 4 car garage on the first floor.  The second story can house an office, activity space, and sitting area.

The Buccaneer

  • The 6′ Sidewall is a simple, utilitarian design for the most basic storing needs.
  • The Elite has a center roof line with 12” soffit.  The added ventilation affords it the versatility to use as a backyard storage shed or even something as imaginative as a children’s playhouse.

The Seminole

  • The 12’ x 8’ x 9’ comes with a 7 foot sidewall.  Off center doors and windows are just one of the options available to make this model unique and attractive.
  • The 16’ x 10’ x 9’ makes the ideal pool cabana – with ample room for relaxing and even a guest changing space.

Call us today to schedule an in-home appointment at 727-524-9191, and solve the need for additional space in your St. Petersburg, Largo, or Tampa home for good.

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