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Customized sheds can make great additions to any Spring Hill property, as they offer easy outdoor access to meet a variety of needs. If your home could benefit from some extra space, but you do not want to deal with expensive, time-consuming home renovations or add-ons, Florida Shed can help design the perfect outdoor unit for you. These additions can be designed to match your house’s style so that your Shady Hills property maintains its aesthetic appeal while adding much need usable space.

Do You Need Outdoor Storage Space?

The professionals at Florida Shed know that each customer has a unique set of needs based on his lifestyle. Adding an outdoor storage space to your Spring Hill property can offer a variety of benefits, whether you are someone who likes to work on cars or work in the garden regularly. These additions can also be great for families with young children running around.

Sheds are great for housing a variety of things:

  • Power tools—Storing dangerous power tools such as chainsaws, leaf blowers, and lawn mowers in an attached garage can often be dangerous when you have small children running around. Adding a separate protected shelter to your Shady Hills property to store these items can give you peace of mind that your loved ones are safe from danger.
  • Pool supplies—Many Spring Hill residents enjoy the year-round benefits of a pool, which means they also have pool supplies that need to be stored: vacuums, skimmers, inflatable rafts, chemicals, and pool toys. Sheds give you easy access to these supplies so that you aren’t forced to run in and out of your home to locate them. Wet kids running in and out of the house to get pool accessories can be especially dangerous!
  • Gardening tools—If you have a green thumb, you probably have a lot of gardening tools and landscaping supplies to keep your property looking great and vegetables growing year-round. Because gardening is common outdoor activity, it helps to add a secure, outdoor space to your Spring Hill property in order to store shovels, rakes, mulch, and fertilizers.

Our Custom Sheds

Our Shed Estimator lets you go online to create your own design for the comfort of your own home, or you can choose one of our popular design options:

  • The Hurricane
  • The Gator
  • The Seminole
  • The Buccaneer
  • The Lean-to

If you’re not sure what type of unit would be best for your Shady Hills property, let us help you get started. Our experience and commitment to customer service will help you get the best design for your budget. No matter what design option you choose, it is fully customizable in color, material, size, and add-on features.

To stand out from the competition, Florida Shed also offers its Spring Hill customers a free online estimate, at-home appointments, delivery and installation, warranties, and 100% financing for Florida residents.

To better serve our community, we also build customized carports, garages, and fences.

Call Florida Shed Today

Since 1997, Florida Shed has been building high-quality, fully customizable sheds for Shady Hills residents. Over the years we have grown to have three locations, but our values have not changed. We are fully committed to our customers first and foremost.

We’re confident that our work showcases high-quality, durable materials and superior structural integrity. Our sheds are great for extra storage, a convenient work space, or an outdoor activity area.

If you call us today at 727-524-9191, we’ll schedule an in-home appointment where we’ll assess your needs as a customer and start designing the perfect space for your Spring Hill home.

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