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There are a number of reasons why Spring Hill residents choose to build sheds in their yards. While the most common use is storage, there are many other creative ways that people can customize and use their units.

What Are Some Uses for Sheds?

The experts at Florida Shed know how beneficial additional space can be for homeowners.

Storage Space: If your garage is so cluttered that you don’t have a safe space for your car during hurricane season, you should consider building an outdoor structure. Move your Christmas decorations and gardening tools that you don’t need immediate, daily access to into your backyard unit and make more room for the things that are more valuable and more frequently used.

Children’s Playhouse: Sheds are a much more budget-friendly way to add a play area than building on to your Spring Hill home. With the right layout and features, your design can be fun and festive so that your kids can have a fun place to play house or build Lego castles safely. The best part is they can run indoors and outdoors as much as they want easily and without tracking mud and other messes into the house.

Private Office: Working at home can be great with no commute or dress code to worry about, but it can often be tough to avoid constant distractions. When you’ve got kids on break from school, needy pets, or a Netflix addiction, you can end up wasting a lot of time not working. Building a detached private backyard office can keep you focused on work but can keep you close enough to home to have the necessary convenience and comfort.

Guest House: While it’s nice to have visitors, it can also be stressful when you don’t have a lot of extra space in your Spring Hill home. Sheds are great for creating a detached guest retreat for your family and friends to crash with privacy.

Exercise Area: It’s not always easy and convenient to find the time to go to the gym, especially when you’re working long hours or taking care of kids all day and night. Building a home gym in your own backyard can improve your motivation and keep you in better shape with little hassle. You could use your structure for treadmills and weight benches, or you could use it for a spacious home yoga studio.

Sheds don’t always need to be dark and stuffy or full of dust, old cutter. With the right team and the right imagination, you can build the unit of your dreams. The experts at Florida Shed Company of Spring Hill can help you get started designing a fantastic space to be used however you see fit.

Weigh the Options

We know that no two customers are the same or have the same needs, which is why we offer a number of standard options, all customizable, to suit the individual needs of each and every valued client. All of our sheds are built with style and to your taste preferences so that they look and feel like a part of your Spring Hill home.

  • The Gator comes in three popular, but customizable, models: the 16’x10’x11’, the Mini Barn, and the Super.
  • The Hurricane is economical, and allows for door placement on any of the four sides.
  • The Seminole comes in two size options, 12’x8’x9’ and 16’x10’x9’, with off-center doors and window options.
  • The Buccaneer offers everything from a 6’ sidewall to a center roof line and 12” soffit.

Florida Shed Company

Since 1997, our contractors have provided stylish, high-quality sheds to Spring Hill customers. We stand out from our competitors by offering the best services in the area, which include:

  • Free online estimates
  • Warranties
  • Delivery and installation
  • 100% financing for Florida residents
  • In home appointments
  • Customer satisfaction guarantee

When you choose Florida Shed Company, you choose a team that will assist you throughout the entire design, building, and installation process. We can help you understand zoning requirements of Spring Hill, decide the best size options, and choose the amenities you want for your unit.

For more information, call us today at (813) 525-5252, or visit our online estimator tool where you can design the sheds of your dreams!

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