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When you’re running out of space in your home for storage, play areas, or extra bedrooms, customized sheds can be a fantastic way to add some much needed indoor space onto your Brooksville property. Whether you’re considering storage space for gardening tools or a detached guest room for your in-laws, it’s important that you do your homework to ensure maximum durability and functionality.

How Will You Use Your Shed?

How you intend to use your unit will have an enormous impact on its design. For example, the more time you intend to spend in your backyard space, the more you have to think about lighting, ventilation, roof height needs, and add-ons, such as windows and skylights. Alternatively, using sheds primarily for storage means building customized shelves, hooks, slat walls, and overhead storage space.

Take inventory of your Brooksville property and filled space, and determine what the best possible use for your unit would be.

  • Storage: Do you need a place to keep your leaf blower, gardening tools, art supplies, seasonal decorations, or pool toys?
  • Guest room: Do you have in-laws that frequently visit or a child who comes home from college and needs a place to stay for the summer?
  • Man Cave/Lady Space: Do you need a private getaway to relax or hang out with friends?
  • Display area: Do you want a secure private space to display trophies, artwork, or collectible items?

Deciding the best way to use sheds can be difficult for Brooksville homeowners, but once you’ve decided how to best utilize yours, you can start thinking about design options.

Which Sheds Will Work Best For Your Needs?

At Florida Shed Company, we know that one size does not always fit all customers, which is why we offer a number of customizable options for your unit.

The Gator

The Gator comes in three popular models, all of which can be tailored to meet your specifications.

  • The 16’x10’x11’ is practical in size but with a large capacity.
  • The Mini Barn has four-part “gamble” raised roof design that provides plenty of overhead space, making it comfortable to stand up and walk around in.
  • The Super is a two-story design and one of the biggest sheds we offer.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane is not only stylish, but it is also a budget-friendly option many Brooksville homeowners enjoy. This model offers a minimum 7’ sidewall and allows for a door placement on any of the 4 sides.

The Seminole

The Seminole comes in two different sized models: the 12’x8’x9’ and the 16’x10’x9’. These options both offer a 7’ minimum sidewall, as well as the option for off-center doors, windows, and more advanced lighting installations.

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer is perfect for basic storage needs, boasting a 6’ minimum sidewall, or it could even be used as a work area or child’s playhouse.

  • The Elite model offers a center roofline and 12” soffit.

The experts at Florida Shed Company of Brooksville know that choosing the right size can be overwhelming if you aren’t completely sure of how much space you’ll need. A good rule of thumb when building a storage sheds is to evaluate your current spatial needs and increase it by 25-percent, which will leave room for future needs.

The Experts Florida Shed Are the Best Builders for the Job

Since 1997, our experts have been offering quality construction services to valued customers of Brooksville and the surrounding areas. Our sheds go beyond the state of Florida’s building codes and requirements to ensure homeowners feel safe to use their units however they see fit.

To learn more about our customizable designs, visit our online estimator tool or call us a

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