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If your garage is overflowing to the point where it is no longer able to accommodate your vehicle(s), it may be time to consider the benefits that a customized shed could offer your Brooksville property. At Florida Shed Company, we know how easy it is to accumulate things but have nowhere to put them. That’s why we offer a number of design options, all customizable, so that you can build a storage space to better organize your belongings.

How Can A Shed Help Me Get Organized?

One of the best things about a garage is that it can protect your vehicle during hurricane season. If you’re being forced to park on the driveway and leave your car vulnerable to volatile weather, it may be time to consider alternative storage methods.

Sheds can help you better organize your current storage areas and better use your space by offering a secure outdoor area for items commonly used outdoors.

  • Power equipment: Living in Brooksville means you probably don’t have a snow blower, but what about a leaf blower or lawn mower? Keeping your outdoor power equipment in a secure outdoor space makes for easy access and safe keeping.
  • Sporting goods: If you or your children play sports, you will have a lot of equipment to store: lacrosse sticks, football helmets, baseball bats, soccer balls, etc. Sheds are a great place for organizing these items without having to bring them indoors, especially when they may be covered in dirt from frequent use.
  • Gardening tools: Do you grow your own fruits and vegetables? If you do, or even if you only perform basic lawn upkeep, you probably have a lot of supplies. Instead of keeping fertilizer, potters, shovels, rakes, and hoses inside and away from where they are actually put to use, build an outdoor storage area.
  • Pool supplies: It is common for Brooksville homes to come equipped with a backyard pool because the weather is conducive to year-round swimming. However, this also means year-round maintenance and a lot of supplies to store. Sheds are great for storing toys, chemicals, vacuums, skimmers, and floats for easy access.
  • Tools and hardware: Whether you’re a hardcore crafter or home mechanic, you know how important it is to organize the tools and smaller hardware items you need for projects. Customized units are great for sheltering nails and hammers as well as paint brushes and mosaic tiles.

What Are My Options?

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to design options. The key is to know what your needs are and what options you have to meet them. For example, you aren’t likely to use pool toys or chemicals while you’re in the structure, so you don’t need to consider extra work space in the design. However, if you’re primarily building it to hold power-tools, you may want to think about where you intend to use them and consider building your unit with enough room to work in. In addition, we can make sure the doorway is wide enough to comfortably out your lawn mower inside.

Our sheds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all customizable, so determine what your main use will be, how much unused land your Brooksville property has to work with, and what your budget is.

  • The Gator comes in three popular models. The 16’x10’x11’, the Mini Barn, and the Super.
  • The Hurricane is stylish, economical, and allows for door placement on any of the four sides.
  • The Seminole comes in two size options, 12’x8’x9’ and 16’x10’x9’, with off-center doors and window options.
  • The Buccaneer offers everything from a 6’ sidewall to a center roof line and 12” soffit.

Florida Shed Company

Since 1997, Florida Shed Company has provided Brooksville with beautifully designed, usable space for storage, work, and play. No matter what your organization needs may be we guarantee our sheds will satisfy even the hardest to please of Brooksville homeowners.

Call us today at 727-524-9191, or visit our online estimator tool to see how we can make your life easier and more organized with one of our custom designs.

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