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Customized sheds are often the best way to add some much-needed, sheltered space to your Ocala property when your home is run out of usable storage space. Each homeowner has different reasons for building a unit, but whether you need storage space for holiday decorations or a private area to work on your art, it is important that you do your homework. At Florida Shed Company, we will make sure to recommend the best design for your needs, knowing our structures are all sturdy and dependable.

Brainstorming Ways to Use Sheds

Many people only think about storage facilities without realizing all the potential uses for sheds. The design layout you choose will depend on the structure’s intended use. Take time to inventory your Ocala property to determine what your spatial needs are.

Storage Unit: Are you in desperate need of space to store your father’s old coin collection or your leaf blower? These units are great for tucking away gardening tools, art supplies, seasonal decorations, or pool toys.

Guest Area: Do your in-laws drive you crazy when they stay in the main house? Do you have a son or daughter in college who needs place to live over the summer?

Work Space: Could you use a home office that is detached from the chaos of the main living area? Do you woodwork or paint in your spare time?

Grown-up Getaway: Are you dying for a kid-free zone to relax or hang out with other adults? Thinking about a secluded space to host weekly poker nights?

Display Room: Do you need a secure, private area where you can display your achievements, such trophies or art pieces?

Ocala homeowners often struggle to find the best use fort their sheds, but once you have decided how to use yours, you can start designing it. Typically, units are constructed in residents’ backyards, so it is important to consider how much time you intend to spend utilizing it in order to design it adequately.

For example, if you’re frequently working or playing inside your space, you will need to consider adding lighting and adequate ventilation. Additionally, you may need to keep roof heights in mind if members of your family are taller. If you’re using the area as a guest room, you may need windows or skylights. Alternatively, if your needs are storage-based, you may want to consider customized hooks, shelves, slat walls, and overhead storage space.

Shapes and Sizes of Our Designs

One size does not fit all customers, which is why Florida Shed Company offers Ocala customers a variety of customizable options for your ideal structure.

The Gator

The Gator comes in three popular models: the 16’x10’x11’, the Mini Barn, and the Super. Although we do have standard models that many Ocala homeowners enjoy, all are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet your unique specifications.

  • The 16’x10’x11’ is practical but has a large capacity.
  • The Mini Barn has a four-part “gamble” raised roof design, which has ample overhead storage space. It is also comfortable to stand up and walk around in.
  • The Super is one of the biggest sheds we offer with its two-story design.

The Hurricane

The Hurricane sheds are stylish and won’t stretch your budget to its limits. The model comes with a minimum 7’ sidewall with the option to place doors on any of the four sides.

The Seminole

The Seminole comes in two models: the 12’x8’x9’ and the 16’x10’x9’. Both options offer a 7’ minimum sidewall, with the option for off-center doors or windows. These options also allow for more advanced lighting installations.

The Buccaneer

The Buccaneer sheds come with a 6’ minimum sidewall and are popular among Ocala residents looking basic storage capabilities. Some even use these for small children’s playhouses or work areas. The Elite model can be built with a center roofline and 12” soffit.

Call Florida Shed Company to Get Started

The experts at Florida Shed Company have been working hard to provide quality sheds to Ocala residents since 1997. We go above and beyond required Florida state building codes to ensure the safest and most durable structures

If you would like to learn more about our customizable designs, visit our online estimator tool or call us at (727) 524-9191.

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