Maintaining New Storage Sheds

Storage sheds from Florida Shed provide many New Port Richey residents with a convenient way to store outdoor gear in a secure yet easy to access manner. However, some first time owners can run into a few problems down the road after they first have a backyard structure installed. Lackluster maintenance can lead to issues that you would rather avoid.

The Ins and Outs of Maintenance

The regular maintenance of storage sheds ensures that they remain in the best possible shape for years to come. Our construction is top notch, yet ignoring some routine upkeep can diminish the pleasant appearance of your New Port Rickey backyard as well as lead to potential problems down the road. In order to keep things looking fresh, you should:

  • Paint, prime, and stain. Adding a new coat of paint or stain on your shed every few years is a good idea. Not only does it keep things looking nice, it also helps seal and maintains the quality of the building materials.
  • Seal it up! Ensure that your seals are kept intact. Caulking over any cracks and keeping your structure air tight helps to further fight against pests and moisture related problems.
  • Get it organized. Utilizing shelves, racks, and pegboards are all excellent techniques to keep your New Port Richey shed clean and in peak condition. We can even add a loft or second story to increase storage space!

Haven’t Thought About Storage Sheds? Call FL Shed!

If you are desperate for some space to put all of your outdoor belongings in, look no further than Florida Shed. Our storage sheds can be tailored to fit the needs of you and your New Port Richey property.  We offer solidly constructed, professional work at competitive prices. If your current outdoor storage space is too far gone, let us build you a new one to last.  Give us a call at (727) 647-9332 today!

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