How Much Do Custom Carports Cost?

Whether you want your storage area to be fully-detailed with all of the bells and whistles or more affordable and discrete, you probably want to know how much custom carports in Ocala will cost. With so many different customization options, you can easily design a garage that falls within your budget. At Florida Shed Company, we offer comprehensive support and our online estimator can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Style Options

With our online estimator (which doubles as a virtual building tool), you can determine how much different designs of carports will cost you and what it will look like, from the comfort of your Ocala home. The estimator will take you through the following steps:

  1. Choose a building. Pick a standard building, barn building, certified triple, or certified 40’ wide.
  2. Choose a style. Each building type has various styles to select from. You can also select your desired width, length, and height as well as gauge and certification.
  3. Panels, gables, sides, and ends. Here you can select what siding your structure will have, with views from the front, back, left, and right.
  4. Doors and windows. You have to get in and out, so selecting the location of ventilation and entry is important.
  5. Extras. Add on J-Trim, extra bracing, or mobile home anchors for improved look and functionality.
  6. Choose your color. Select from 13 different color choices for roofs, sides, ends, and trims.

Once you’ve altered your design to meet your wants, you’ll be able to see a detailed estimate. You can see where you might adjust elements based on your functional and monetary needs. Don’t have the budget for a fully-enclosed structure? Use three sides! Need an entry but don’t want a garage door? Try a walk-in door instead. Your choices are unlimited!

Ocala Carports From Florida Shed Company

Now that you’ve customized your carport to your exact needs, you can share your design with friends and family via email or on Facebook or Twitter. Show off your design, get opinions, and then order your custom design so we can begin the construction process at your Ocala home right away. With our estimator you’ll be able to calculate approximately how much your building will cost, and it can help you decide which features are most important to you.

To discuss at all your material options, call us at 727-524-9191 or send an email to We can also assist you in deciding which building style is best for you and other features you may like. We aim to design carports that make your dreams a reality with our custom planning and building services in Ocala!

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