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Homes around Tampa do not all enjoy the practicality of having a garage directly attached to them. Residents of the area often have to park their vehicle on the street or in parking lots where many cars get broken into or side swiped. Others prefer renting an expensive space near their home just to have a safe parking spot in the city.

When you have the space available in your backyard, Florida Shed can help you build the perfect garage to protect your car, and add some storage room to your home! In addition to the immediate benefit to the residents, a garage adds important value to a home for those looking to sell. Each of our structures can be customized to meet all of your desires.

Custom Garages

Regardless of what your needs are, Florida Shed in Tampa will assist you in finding a structure that will meet each of your requirements. We are used to working on small and large areas alike and are available to help any first-time homeowners in making the best decisions when it comes to building a protected area on a property.

Some of the most common configurations we install around the Tampa Bay include the following:

  • 1 Story Concrete Buccaneer: Affordable and practical, this option provides enough room to store two cars and the wide double doors allow easy access.
  • 2 Story Buccaneer: With many customization options, the two story building has a full second floor for plenty of storage or an additional living space.
  • 2 Story Concrete/Wood Buccaneer: You can enjoy parking four cars in this configuration. There is also a full second floor with balcony in the back, and all the structure is constructed with concrete outer wall and durable Smart Panel siding.
  • 3 Car Gator: The three individual rolling doors of this garage are perfect for easy access, and the side panels can easily be painted for a more personalized look.
  • Gator Super Shed: Parking space, complete second floor, room for a workshop, office, billiard table; this configuration can be anything you want it to be.

Windows and other extras can be added to your garage to allow for natural light and make the area as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

The many garage options we offer at Florida Shed have everything your car needs to be protected and more. Know that if you are looking for the most affordable way to keep your vehicle safe, we also offer a wide range of alternative options with our carports line.

Unsurpassed Quality

As a certified Caroline Carports Inc. distributor in Tampa, we provide our customers with a clean, fire-resistant unit. It has always been important for our company to give excellent results, and we do that by ensuring the materials and products we use are the best on the market.

The Smart Panel technology we use on all of our constructions creates natural looks that is resistant to chips, dents, and cracks. The way the product matches wood in texture and appearance only makes it even more attractive to us and our clients.

Expertise Around The Bay

At the Florida Shed Company, we have been the top provider of sheds, garages, carports, and fencing in and around the Tampa Bay since 1997. Our team commits to going above and beyond to provide each of our customers with results that completely satisfy them. We carry products of superior quality that are durable because our most important standard is to offer excellence in all of our services.

Take advantage of our online estimator to get started on your construction project. You will be able to visualize and compare our sheds and carports to find the perfect fit for your home.

If you need a garage solution in Tampa, call us today at (727) 524-9191 to find out how we can help you achieve the perfect installation for your home.

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