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If you’ve finally found your Land O Lakes dream home, but it lacks suitable storage space or a shelter for your vehicle, look no further than Florida Shed Company to help you design the perfect addition. With varied design options for garages, all customizable, you can be sure to get the perfect structure for your property.

Does Your Home Need A Garage?

If space and budget permit, building an attached space can not only increase the value of your home, but it can also add much needed usable space for work, play, or storage.

  • Work space. Whether your projects are for personal entertainment or professional gain, garages give you plenty of space to use loud tools and make a mess. If you like to fix up old cars, you can do so in a shaded well-ventilated area instead of subjecting yourself to the severe Land O Lakes sun. You even have the option of finishing your space in order to turn it into a home office separate from the main living area.
  • Play space. With the right design layout, you could also use the add-on as a man cave or adult getaway area. Alternatively, you can use the space as a play area for young children to keep the mess and clutter out of the main home.
  • Storage space. In more traditional homes, the extra space is used to store tools, sporting equipment, seasonal decorations, gardening tools, pool toys, and more. Oftentimes homeowners will also choose to keep their cars inside the area in order to shelter them from hurricane season.

Custom Design Options for Garages

The experts at Florida Shed know that every home in Land O Lakes is different, which means there is no “one-size-fits-all” design option for garages. Our team of skilled contractors will work with you to make the best of your property’s space, your budget, and your needs.

Some of the base design options at Florida Shed are as follows:

  • 1 Story Concrete Buccaneer: This is an affordable and practice option that allows enough room to fit two cars with wide double doors for easy access.
  • 2 Story Buccaneer: As a completely customizable option, this two story building has a full second floor with plenty of extra storage space, so you can park your cars on the first floor and store seasonal decorations on the second.
  • 2 Story Concrete/Wood Buccaneer: With room for up to four vehicles, these garages come with a second floor and balcony. The structure is assembled using a concrete outer wall and durable Smart Panel siding.
  • 3 Car Gator: This option comes with three individual rolling doors for easy access, with side panels that can be painted for a more personalized, stylish look to fit seamlessly with your Land O Lakes home.
  • Gator Super Shed: If you’re looking for the crème de la crème of garages for your Land O Lakes home, look no further than this model. With the Gator Super Shed, you get parking space, a complete second floor, all configured to your exact specifications.

At Florida Shed Company, we do our best to provide our customers with the best products available on the market, using Smart Panel technology on our structures. We strive to give a natural, stylish look to your structure while also ensuring durability.

Why Choose Florida Shed Company?

Florida Shed Company is the premier provider of garages, sheds, carports, and fences for the residents of the Land O Lakes area. Our team is committed to going above and beyond for our customers in order to provide lasting construction that meets all their expectations.

To learn more about the customizable options available to you, check out our gallery. You are also welcomed and encouraged to call us at (727) 534-9191 for more information about our services or to set up an appointment with our team.

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