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If you not have enough space for storing belongings in your Brooksville home, the customizable garages we offer at Florida Shed can solve all your home storage and activity space needs.

If you’re constantly trying to find a place to put something away, struggling with limited space for activities and hobbies, or simply want a safe place to park your vehicle, then this addition is the right one for you. At Florida Shed, we have been providing Florida residents with top quality garages, sheds, and carports since 1997. We know that every Brooksville home is different, and comes with different needs, and we take pride in providing the perfect solution for any property.

No matter where you live throughout Florida, with 3 locations and direct delivery available to your home, we can easily get you the solutions you need. Our professional and skilled installations will leave you with the perfect new addition. Call your local, trustworthy professionals today at (727) 524-9191.

Benefits that Garages Provide

You are a homeowner and you shouldn’t need to pay monthly fees to store your belongings in a storage unit, or park your car outside where it will get UV, tree, and storm damage. With no room beneath for basements, Brooksville homes have only attic space for additional storage, and often don’t have room for even that space. Garages can provide you with not only additional, and sorely needed, storage space at ground level, but offer overhead and attic storage space as well. With this add on you can store extra belongings, have a place for your vehicle, and also workshop for activities.

At Florida Shed, we will work with whatever space you have in order to maximize the effectiveness of your addition.

Garages We Offer in Brooksville

We offer configurations and sizes to fit any home. Check out some of our example options:

The Buccaneer

  • 1 Story – This concrete constructed addition offers space for up to 2 cars, while remaining practical and affordable. The option for double wide doors allows for easy access when parking or working.
  • 2 Story – This model adds an entire second floor to the Buccaneer, providing space up above for anything from living space to additional storage!
  • 2 Story Concrete and Wood – The largest model we offer, you can park up to 4 cars into this design. The full second floor also offers a full stairway and a stunning balcony out back, making it an ideal additional living space, mother-in-law quarters, or game room. The entire structure is composed of a concrete outer wall and Smart Panel siding.

The Gator

  • 3 Car: Smart Panel siding means it is chip and dent resistant and holds paint like no other. And with the option for 3 separate rolling doors, each of your vehicles can roll out in style.
  • Super Shed: This customizable model can be something as simple as a one car unit or storage space, to a complete second story with a full staircase.

At Florida Shed, whether you are interested in our garages, sheds, or carports for your Brooksville property, you can rest assured that we use only the top brand materials. We are also a certified dealer for the number 1 trusted manufacturer in the industry, Carolina Carports!

To learn more about all of the different styles and prices of garages that are available to you, have a look at our online estimator. If you would like to learn more about the services we offer in Brooksville, or to schedule an appointment or get an estimate, call us today at (727)524-9191.

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