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If your property in Lutz does not have the luxury of having a garage, there are still options available to you. At Florida Shed Company, we specialize in installing custom constructions for the residents of the area, so they can all enjoy something that fits their property, as well as meets all their needs.

Whether you have owned a home for a long time, or just purchased a property, protecting your vehicle at night might be a concern if you lack a pre-built parking space. Our easy additions are here to make your life easier and more enjoyable all at once. We are confident that our wide-range of outdoor constructions will meet your expectations.

A Custom Garage for You

Each home in Lutz has different needs, so we offer to custom build your garage. This way, you can be sure you will get exactly what you want. Our constructions vary from utilitarian sheds to large structures, and are always customizable.

While the options are endless, some of the common configurations we install include:

  • The 1 Story Concrete Buccaneer, which offers an attractive space to fit 2 cars. It comes with a double wide door, 8’ sidewall, and the optional addition of doors and windows.  This design is perfect for your average home, yet is able to easily accommodate most family storage shed requirements.
  • The 2 Story Buccaneer has a wide variety of options for customization.  You can see this unit at several of our locations near Lutz in the 16” x 20’ x 18’6” configuration.  The design is 2 stories tall and includes a full second floor. It utilizes a 36” Stanly house door, a 6’ knee wall, a flight of stairs with landing, up to 7 windows, and a 10’ x 7’ door.
  • The 2 Story Concrete/Wood Buccaneer, which is built with a solid concrete outer wall for the first floor and features a second floor constructed of durable Smart Panel siding.  These custom constructions have a spacious second floor with an optional balcony out back, a full first floor workroom, and it can even accommodate up to 4 cars.
  • The 3 Car Gator is ideal for any home in Lutz missing a garage or simply needs more space.  The three individual rolling doors allow for both versatility and ease of use, while the Smart Panel siding provides an easy to paint surface that’s durable and aesthetically appealing.
  • The Gator Super Shed can have 1 to 4 bays, built with a complete second floor.  This unit has room for a large workshop, office, pool room, and upstairs sitting area.

When built correctly, your garage can become the parking space you have been lacking, but can also be much more. Some enjoy having the area to create a man cave, a home theater, a game room, an office, or even a guest house!

The Best Garage Company in Lutz

If you are looking for a reliable company to help you install the perfect addition for your Lutz home, look no further than the Florida Shed Company. We are the number one provider of sheds, carports, fences, and garages all around the Tampa Bay. This is possible through our commitment to providing our customers with 100% satisfaction. Our units are all designed to be clean, fire resistant, and have Smart Panel technology. This helps create a construction that looks great, and will last long since it will resist cracks, dents, and chips.

We are a locally owned and operated company that you will always be able to rely on. Regardless of your project, questions, or concerns, know that we are here to give you real answers and solutions. To get started on your garage design, give us a call at 727-524-9191 and we will discuss the various options possible on your property in Lutz.

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