Florida Shed Company’s Solution for Women: The She Shed

Ladies, imagine a place where you could go, any time of any day, for a nice little getaway. Footsteps from your home, but a place that is entirely your own: allow me to introduce the “She Shed.”
It’s exactly what a guy’s shed will never be—no tools necessary here. Feel free to decorate it at your discretion, for this is your space: a reflection of you, in the form of a mini building. In the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa area, the Florida Shed Company will help you create your very own, personalized She Shed.

Why Not Just Have ‘Me Time’ In My Bedroom?

If your bedroom is a shared space, then it’s not entirely your own. So, where can you go when you truly need alone time?
In 2015, the Huffington Post proclaimed She Sheds “a backyard haven for busy women seeking a quiet reprieve from the world.”
Life in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa can be hectic, and you need a place where you can go to feel calm and centered. Completely separate from your house, but ever so conveniently located, your She Shed is the safe place you never knew you needed…until now.

What Do I Do in a She Shed?

What you do in your sacred space is entirely up to you. From reading to crafting to hosting your own little get-together, a She Shed is essentially your mini home.
A quick search on the Internet will provide you with plenty of inspiration on different ways to decorate your space. Fancy or feminine, Zen-like, rustic, or anything your heart desires; this is your opportunity to express yourself in a way you’ve never been able to express yourself before.

Call Florida Shed for Your New Oasis

For customizable She Sheds in the St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Tampa areas, call the Florida Shed Company at 727-524-9191. Their professionals have been building sheds in Tampa Bay since 1997, and they will work with you to create your perfect getaway. For a free price estimate, get started with the customizable estimator on their website.
Get comfortable inside your new oasis, and who knows? You may never want to return home.

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