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Have you considered all of the benefits that fences can provide you and your St. Petersburg, Largo, or Tampa property?  As Floridians, the outdoors play a big role in our lives due to the yearlong temperate climate we enjoy here. In order for you to get the maximum satisfaction from your property, let Florida Shed provide you with the most attractive and highest quality additions.

What are the Benefits of Fences?

Fences are often one of the most underrated residential property additions.  Fencing has a bad reputation as something utilitarian that’s needed for a strictly useful purpose, rather than wanted for their aesthetic appeal. This misunderstanding often leads many property owners to erect unattractive barricades that detract from the beauty of their yard rather than add to it.  Here are just some of the uses and benefits this relatively simple addition offers:

  • Attractive – Not only can the right style accent the theme and feel of your property, but they can turn a boring or ugly backyard into a secluded glen.
  • Hide unattractive surrounding property – Quite often suburban homes are built without any thought to the owners view from the backyard.  Instead of staring at your neighbor’s unkempt property, or some ugly, adjacent field, you can create a beautiful barrier to separate yourself from undesirables.
  • Protect your property – Keep unwanted humans and animals from wandering through.
  • Increased privacy – Sometimes you just want to relax outdoors without feeling as if you share your property with all of your neighbors – something a 4 four foot chain link fence doesn’t afford.
  • Keep your pets and children safe – Perhaps the most important part; your children and pets can venture outside without fear of them running into the street or getting lost.

With so many options available, why not take this open opportunity to improve your landscape?

Fences Have So Many Styles and Materials to Choose From

Chain link and simple privacy barriers have their uses, but why stick with only these basic options for your Largo, St. Pete, or Tampa home when other styles and materials offer such variety?  Many of these options are also great neighbor fences because they offer an appealing view from both sides.

Wood – Maybe you like the look of a framed wooden privacy fence with copper-finished pyramid post caps.  Or you might want to create a clean yet whimsical look with a lattice or rail topped design.  There are also a myriad of other fully framed styles, and even options for post caps that contain solar powered landscape lighting.

Vinyl – When it comes to vinyl you have many of the same options as with wood enclosures, plus the addition of gothic and other picket styles, while gaining an entirely different look as well.  White vinyl fencing also long outlasts pressure treated lumber, requiring at most a simple pressure wash to remove any dirt or mold growth.

Steel – Ornamental steel barriers are strong, flexible, and require little maintenance. They come in a wide variety of designs and offer the look of wrought iron without the maintenance.

Aluminum – Strong, lightweight, and corrosion free, aluminum is a perfect, rust free material to use for traditional chain link fences to simulating the look of wrought iron.

Other Services We Offer in St. Petersburg, Largo, and Tampa

Why are we the best in St. Petersburg, Largo, and Tampa?  Because we provide:

  • Nearly 20 years of dependable service
  • Product Warranties
  • In-home appointments
  • Delivery and installation
  • 100% financing for Florida residents
  • Free online estimates
  • Shop our entire catalog of parts online! (Coming soon)

If you need more information or a free quote on any of our fences, call us today in St. Petersburg, Largo, Brandon or Tampa at 727-524-9191, or email us at floridashedcompany@gmail.com.

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