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At Florida Shed, we provide residents of Lutz a premiere line of quality custom fences to improve their property through beautification and increased safety. Whether you need to enclose your backyard, secure your front yard, or construct a barrier around your ranch or a larger property, we have got you covered.

With the temperate climate we experience here in Lutz, we spend a lot of our time outdoors. Families enjoy playing catch or relaxing by the pool, kids will explore and play games, and there’s relaxing in a hammock with a book, exercising, yoga, and gardening too! With all of the time we spend outside, it’s important to get the most out of it by using a fence to make your property both more attractive and safe for everyone.

Styles We Offer

Depending on your property, needs, and situation in Lutz, you may have varying ideas of what kind of fences you’re interested in. Chain-link is a great and affordable way to restrict access to an area, while wood and vinyl can add beauty to a backyard. At Florida Shed, we offer a huge variety of styles and materials, many of which are perfect for residential areas because they offer an attractive look from either side.

Wood Feces

Who doesn’t love solid wood fences? We not only provide quality dog eared and board on board styles, but many others you might not even realize are an option. Have you considered a wooden framed or lattice topped design? These cleaner edged options can provide and elegant style, while additions such as copper pyramid post caps can help complete the whimsical look they offer.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing has become so popular recently due to its long life and clean white appearance. It is also easy to clean, as any dirt or mold growth can be easily removed with a high pressure wash. Using 4×4 or 6×6 wooden posts for strength inside the vinyl posts means it can also supply the strength and security you would expect from privacy fences. Available in many of the same styles as wood, it also offers unique styles such as picket fencing or even gothic.

Metal Fences

Stainless steel and aluminum is used for quality, high-strength chain-link fencing, but did you know that this isn’t the only style these metals are used for? Because aluminum is corrosion free, lightweight, and strong, it makes the perfect material for wrought-iron style, ornate borders as many other Lutz residents have discovered. Likewise, a similar alternative to true iron fencing, which can easily rust, is stainless steel.


A common misnomer of fences is that they are purely used to keep people out or create privacy, and therefore many people only install the most basic option for practical reasons. However while basic styles serve a vital role, the resulting addition for a home often detracts from the beauty of the property rather than adds to it. With the right style, you can transform your backyard into a secluded retreat instead of creating a glaring sign that points to where it ends.

Fences can provide your Lutz property with increased privacy from neighbors, as well as protect it from unwanted visitors. When you have kids or pets, it’s important to ensure they have an enclosed outside space to roam with the fear of them wandering off, or unwanted outsiders easily entering that space.

An unfortunate consequence of urban living is often the seeming lack of foresight on the builder’s part to provide a nice view from the backyard. Erecting a barrier can hide your neighbor’s unattractive or unkempt backyard from view, and prevent it from detracting from your landscaping efforts.

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