DIY vs. Custom Carport Company

If you don’t have the convenience of a garage or need coverage for your boat, you’ve probably done some research on what a custom carport company offers. Some individuals in Largo consider whether they want to build their own structure or hire professionals. As a business that specializes in constructing covered parking spaces, sheds, fences, and garages, we have some input on the selection process.

DIY Carport Construction

There are countless kits that you can purchase in store or online, and many individuals can find a structure that suits their needs. If you are a skilled builder in Largo, this process can go smoothly and quickly, especially if you own the necessary tools. If you’re a novice, beware of the time you will spend discerning the instructions and putting the kit together— not to mention the cost of tools! The DIY price is attractive to many, and it can make one ambitious about their building abilities. If it’s a hot, humid day and a piece just doesn’t seem to fit, this can dampen your brow and your spirits. It may take weeks to finish the project instead of the weekend you planned on.

Benefits of Hiring a Custom Carport Company

As a custom carport company, we offer expert services that satisfy our customers in Largo. While DIY prices can be attractive, you miss out on:

Customized Structure

Since there are numerous DIY kits, you might think you’re getting a unique product. However, a custom carport company can match your needs by designing a structure that will match your exact specifications, whether you want to add boxed eaves, cover your motor boat, or house your horses in a barn.
With us, you get to identify height and width, as well as material, color, and where it will be located. Some Largo residents want it flush with their home, and others want it to stand alone. Whatever the case, we can design the building you want!


When you hire professionals, you invest in a safer construction process. Not only do we have the expertise it takes to install your permanent canopy quickly, but we are also trained to do so in the harsh Florida heat.

Invest in Quality

When you choose to hire a custom carport company, you invest in quality services. With us, you get insured workers who will build the metal framework correctly the first time.

Florida Shed: Your Top Custom Carport Company

We understand the aim to save money by choosing to DIY but consider your skills, the length of the project, and the reality of your schedule. If your life is full, it can be difficult to make time for the project, and the kit may end up gathering dust instead of protecting your family’s vehicles. As a custom carport company, Florida Shed can also help Largo residents with:

  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Fences
  • And more!

Save the DIY for smaller projects and let our team tackle the big ones! Call us 727-524-9191 to learn more!

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