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Just as your Spring Hill home provides your family with a safe shelter from harsh hurricanes and strong UV rays, carports offer that same protection to your vehicle. More than that, these outdoor units can serve a number of other purposes, which is why they are one of the most versatile construction investments you can make for your property. However, there are a number of things to take into consideration before you move forward with designing and installing a new structure.

What Purposes Can Carports Serve?

Although these units are associated most commonly with automobile and RV protection, they can serve other purposes. Homeowners who build custom carports onto their Spring Hill properties can use their new structures in a number of different ways:

  • Vehicle Protection: Many people lose sight of how strong the sun in Florida is. It is important to remember that intense UV rays can damage your car’s paint, fade the interior of your vehicle, and can cause plastics inside to crack.
  • Weather Safety and Comfort: As mentioned, these units protect your vehicle from the harsh elements, but did you also know that it can keep you safe and comfortable during rough weather? When built in close proximity to your home, these units can keep you dry during rainstorms when going to and from your car. These structures will also shade your vehicle, eliminating the dread of having to sit on a scorching hot leather seat or touch a burning steering wheel after your car has been under the scorching Spring Hill sun all day.
  • Everyday Convenience: Although garages and sheds are also great additions, carports have the option of having no walls or doors, which will make it much easier to carry groceries inside without fumbling around with keys. The open structural design also means that these units are well ventilated and won’t raise your energy bills.
  • Useful Storage and Organization: In addition to proving a great area for storing your car, these units can also store boats, RVs, watercrafts, dirt bikes, farm equipment, and more. They can also be used store gardening tools, sporting equipment, hardware supplies, pool toys, etc.
  • Creative Entertainment Space: If you are in need of a shaded area on your Spring Hill property to picnic with friends and family, these coverings may be the perfect option. They are also great outdoor hobby spaces for those who like to woodwork, paint, or build cars.

What Size Will Work Best?

Once you have decided how to use your structure, you will need to determine the best dimensions based on your needs and Spring Hill property restrictions. Carports can range from small to large, which could provide safe covering for up to four vehicles. Here are just the basics of what Florida Shed Company’s customizable design options can offer you:

  • Standard: As the most popular and budget friendly option, the standard designs can range from 12’ to 24’ wide. Each design comes in the regular, boxed eave or vertical roof styles.
  • Carolina and Horse Barns: These are the largest carports you can choose from, measuring between 12’- 40’.
  • Certified Triple Carport: This is a clear-span design, which can accommodate up to four vehicles.

Go With the Pros at Florida Shed Company

With Florida Shed Company, the possibilities for your structures are endless. Start thinking about how your family could benefit from an outdoor, covered multipurpose area, and start designing one today. Whether you are in need of a shaded barbecue area or protective space for your vehicle, Florida Shed Company of Spring Hill has you covered with high-quality custom carports. Check out our Carport Estimator or call us today at 727-347-1616 to see how we can help you.

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