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Residents of Tampa who don’t enjoy the luxury of having a garage on their property often find that a custom carport can be the best perfect addition to their home. This type of construction can provide the same benefits as a garage, at a fraction of the cost. The Florida Shed Company is here to help you understand what our solutions have to offer, and show you the wide range of uses and customizations available.

Benefits of a Custom Carport

When installing a custom carport created specifically for your Tampa home, you will immediately notice many benefits of this affordable addition.

The first and most popular use is to help protect a vehicle. While some areas may not require you to need to shelter your car, we all know the Floridian summers can be harsh. Between sun and intense rain, your vehicle risks getting damaged.

Over time the sun may start affecting the color of your seats, cause plastic to dry and crack, and even fade the exterior paint. At times when the sun isn’t shining and storms are rolling in, it’s important to keep your vehicle protected from the rain, falling tree branches, and other debris that may fly around. Last but not least, a carport can simply keep your car a little cooler. No one enjoys hopping in where the temperature is incredibly hot because it sat in the sun for hours.

Still looking for reasons why a custom carport is perfect for your property in Tampa? The products at Florida Shed can be designed to look exactly like you want them too. From floor to ceiling, we are confident we can create the perfect addition to your yard. Here are some other uses you could consider for your custom carport:

  • Storage space for large yard tools, sports equipment, and other items you can’t store in the house.
  • Maybe you need to a place to house some livestock. With the many different customizations possible, we can create the perfect place to keep your animals safe.
  • This covered area is great for family and neighborhood get-togethers. You can enjoy the Tampa weather, while still being protected from the harsh sun.

When it comes to uses for your custom carport, the possibilities are endless! Talk to us today to get started on your project!

Finding the Right Design

Everyone has a different idea of what to do, and every home in Tampa has different needs. At Florida Shed, we offer some basic structures that can easily be modified to fit your needs and exceed all of your expectations. Some of our common custom carport configurations include:

  • Standard Buildings offer structures that are the most affordable style and available in several different designs: regular, boxed eave, and vertical roof.
  • Barn Buildings can be built out the widest, with added lean-tos on either side. We offer two barn styles: a horse barn and a Carolina barn.
  • Certified Triples are perfect for use as multi-car garages or to store that large farm equipment since there are no central supports blocking the middle area.
  • Certified 40’ wide is the best option for our customers who want the widest clear area possible without central supports getting in the way.

Choose Florida Shed

Our products, combined with our excellent customer service, are what make Florida Shed the number one provider of sheds, fences, garages, and custom carports in the Tampa Bay. When you have a project, you can be sure you will always receive the top quality of materials and construction. Our services always include the deliveries and installation, as well as product warranties.

As our customer, you can also benefit from in-homes appointment where we discuss the scope and details of the project. You can also receive a free estimate thanks to our online tool. Florida residents can also receive 100% financing.

To get started on your project, or to receive more information about our services in your area, give us a call today at (813) 525-5252 or visit us at any of our three locations near Tampa!

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