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Installing a custom carport in your Spring Hill yard can do a lot more for your home than you might think. At Florida Shed Company, we are passionate about sharing with all the benefits and customization options of an affordable unit.

Spring Hill homeowners don’t always have the luxury of giving up storage space to put a car in the garage. Create a safe place to put your vehicle and free up the space to better utilize your garage and property with one of our custom creations!

How Can a Custom Carport Help You?

Many people don’t consider the harmful affect that the sun can have on a car. Intense UV rays can damage the paint and can cause plastics inside to crack. It can also cause the colored parts of your interior to fade and bleach out. Installing a custom carport on the side of your Spring Hill property or above the driveway is an easy way of making sure that your car stays in pristine shape for longer. It will also eliminate the anxiety of having to sit on a scorching hot seat when your vehicle has vinyl or leather seats that have been baking in the sun. A custom carport installed by Florida Shed can also protect your car from the unpredictable Florida weather; strong wind, hail, and flying debris can take a toll if your vehicle is not properly covered.

Additional Benefits

Although these units are great for your car’s health they can also serve countless other purposes. Think about how your family could benefit from a covered multipurpose area. Outdoor play and picnics that once had to be cut short by the sun and the risk of burns can be more frequent and fun for the whole family. You could also use it to create a workspace for outdoor projects and hobbies. Create that woodworking area you have always wanted or a comfortable place to work on the muscle car you have been restoring! The possibilities are endless with a custom carport from Florida Shed Company.

Custom Carports

Depending on the purpose of your new custom carport, we offer several great styles to Spring Hill residents:

Standard: This is the most popular and budget friendly style and can range from 12’ to 24’ wide. It comes in regular, boxed eave, or vertical roof.

Carolina and Horse Barns: Measuring between 12’- 40’, this is the largest in the catalog.

Certified Triple Carport: This is a clear-span and can fit up to 4 cars!

We stand behind the quality of the materials we use and will never cheapen our products to increase margins. Smart Panel siding is plywood siding with a tempered hardboard face. It looks like natural wood and is resistant to cracks and chips. These products and the professionalism of our installation will provide years of a beautiful, rust free shed with little regular maintenance in Spring Hill. If the possibility of a custom carport has you interested, check out our online Carport Estimator where you can play with the customization of style, panels, gables, sides, doors, windows and colors. You’ll see how vast the possibilities really are.

Florida Shed Company

The Florida Shed Company has been providing excellent service to three different areas of central Florida since 1997. Our materials and products are top quality and meet strict standards set by the state of Florida and every product comes with a warranty, and we offer special financing options to Florida residents! If you want to learn more about the best custom carport provider in Spring Hill, then give us a call today at (727) 524-9191.

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