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Custom built carports can provide your Ocala home with a wide range of benefits. You can stop leaving your vehicles in the hot sun without protection and you’ll have a cool place to work. And this is a project that won’t leave your wallet empty, doesn’t come with a lot of construction, and also gives you the freedom to make it your own.

Choose a Building

Before you can start this project you need to decide what type of structure is going to be best for your yard. This is going to depend on how much space you have to work with and what you’re going to use it for. But don’t worry; Florida Shed Company has custom built carports for every Ocala home:

  • Standard Buildings- Standard buildings are the most basic and economical units available. They range from 12-24 feet and can be fully enclosed structures or left completely open.
  • Barn Buildings- This is our widest option available, up to 64 feet wide, and is perfect for those with a lot of property in Ocala. This is ideal for housing livestock and feed or even storing heavy machinery. When installed professionally, not only are they cost effective but barn building custom built carports can have the shortest installation time with the longest overall lifetime with routine upkeep.
  • Certified Triples- A heavy duty system without the central support is an ideal option for those looking for enough space for multiple vehicles, or other oversized items. These can also be top only or fully enclosed for maximum protection.
  • Certified 40’ Wide- If you’re in need of something with a wide clear span, the certified 40’ wide is going to be the design for you. This option offers a width of 32 feet-40 feet and up to 14 feet of side height.

Choose a Material

After your custom built carports initial decision you can start tailoring your space to fit your taste. There are many different materials to choose from before building and just like any project it’s important to consider each ones pros and cons.


Steel buildings are the sturdiest and this metal is even durable enough to withstand hurricanes. But because of all of its benefits, steel can also be the most expensive of the options.
Tin and aluminum are the less expensive options of the metal family however are more prone to rusting due to rain.

Wooden custom built carports:

Wood is the most durable of materials to withstand any type of weather that comes through Ocala. It is also a material that can easily look good with any already existing décor however it does require the most upkeep and can be expensive due to treatments needed to protect the wood from pests and UV rays.


At Florida Shed Company in Ocala, we use Smart Panel siding for all of our sheds, carports, and garages. This tempered hardboard face plywood siding is very strong, resistant to chips and dents, holds paint without chipping, and will never rust

Once you have decided on the basics, including the style and material of your carport, you can then make it your own unique space.

Florida Shed Company

At Florida Shed Company we only build with the highest quality of materials in order to create the highest quality of products. We understand that every customer is different and has different needs to let us help you through this process and find one of our custom built carports that will be perfect for your Ocala home. Call us today at (727) 347-1616, or checkout our online estimator to get started designing from the comfort of your own home!

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