Choosing the Best Fence for Your Home

People say that good fences make good neighbors. If that’s true, then making sure that you have the best possible barrier for your home will make you and your St. Petersburg neighbors happier. Beginning your search should start with a home survey from a professional to decide what goals you are hoping to achieve with your choice.

Making good with your neighbors is not the only advantage to having a solid fence in your St. Petersburg property. They make an attractive addition to your landscape and can also increase your property’s value if installed correctly. Privacy and security for your pets and children are also advantages.

Finding your fence match

You may not have thought of all the varieties available for constructing a fence around your St. Petersburg house. It is important to choose the best material for your specific needs:

  • Wood has so many options for customization and offers complete privacy. Caps, finishes and rail designs offer endless possibilities to create exactly the look you are hoping to achieve from scalloped tops to lattice aspects.
  • Vinyl gives a completely different look than wood, but has many of the same customization possibilities. The white picket look, if that’s what your dream yard has, can be achieved in either a wood or vinyl material. Vinyl outlasts lumber and can be washed easily.
  • Steel and aluminum barriers are strong and come in a variety of designs but do not offer much privacy. If you are going for an open or gothic look but don’t want a lot of maintenance, one of these is the right choice for you. Steel can be as ornate or subtle as you want but aluminum is rust and corrosion free.

Florida Shed Company

Fences can be costly to purchase and install so make sure that you are getting it right the first time by calling a contractor. Experts will know what your best options are by evaluating the slope and size of your St. Petersburg property. When you are ready to set some new boundaries, call our fencing professionals at Florida Shed at 727-524-9191 for a free quote on any of the products we sell.

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