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Carports are the most cost effective way for Largo, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and the surrounding area residents to protect their vehicles from the environment.  Living so close to the equator, the sun’s rays can cause the interior of our cars to reach scorching temperatures, but can also cause damage and fade the exterior paint and dashboard. Bad storms can knock down branches, hail can shatter windshields, and bird droppings can eat through the hardened paint.  In addition to any potential damage to your vehicle, with the intense rainy seasons and frequent evening storms that Florida experiences during the summer, the convenience of entering and exiting your vehicle in a dry place is exceptionally pleasant.

A more affordable option than the addition of a garage, carports allow similar parking convenience and shelter, as well as a dry, shaded workspace for outdoor projects.   Dependent on your property, these permanent canopies can sit against your home, or stand alone. And with varying height options, they can be constructed to house not only your motor vehicle, but boats and RV’s as well!

Styles and Materials for Carports

Florida Shed is proud to be a certified Carolina Carports Inc. distributor.  Our units create a clean, no hassle storage or work space that are resistant to fire, rot, and pests. With so many options available, you can easily find the right fit for your Largo, St. Petersburg, or Tampa home.

Standard Buildings – The most economical units available, our 12’-24’ wide units are available from single, four stilt carports to fully enclosed garages.

  • Regular – This basic design is most recognizable for its horizontal roof panels and rounded corners.
  • Boxed eave – This upgrade from the basic model consists of an “A” frame with the option for partial or complete side panels.
  • Vertical roof – An “A” frame structure with vertical panels to prevent standing rain or tree debris collecting on the roof.

Florida Shed Company Barn CarportsBarn Buildings – This design is Carolina Carports widest available. It combines 3 sections for a unit width up to 64’ wide with a 12’ Lean To on both sides, and a center unit ranging from 12’-40’.  Barns are ideal for housing anything from livestock to feed, or even heavy machinery.  More cost effective than wood barns, these professionally installed models take less time to build and have a longer overall lifetime.

  • Horse barn – This regular style, 3 section barn has a center unit 12’-30’ wide with 12’ leans.
  • Carolina barn – Our Carolina can have a boxed eave with up to 30’ center unit, or a vertical roof with a center of up to 40’and 12’ leans for both options.

Certified Triples – Triple Wide carports utilize a heavy duty truss system to provide a 26’-30’ clear span that is engineer certified to meet all wind safety requirements.  The absence of central supports makes these ideal for parking multiple vehicles or even large or oversized equipment.  This design is compatible for a side of up to 14’ with options for top only or a fully enclosed garage.

Certified 40’ Wide – Offering a width of 32’ – 40’, this unit’s custom truss design for additional stability offers the widest clear span area of any model.  From a vertical-top only, to a fully enclosed garage, the Certified 40’ Wide offers up to 14’ side height, and is engineer designed to exceed wind load requirements. These are also more structurally sound and allow for faster assembly then other pre-engineered options.

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