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Carports can afford your Tampa home all of the luxuries of a garage, for a fraction of the cost. How is this possible? It’s easy with Florida Shed!

The weather we experience in the Tampa Bay area consists of extremes all summer long. Between the intense sunlight and powerful storms, unsheltered vehicles are exposed to all kinds of potentially damaging circumstances. From UV damage fading the exterior paint and breaking down the vinyl interior, to hail storms, or even falling tree branches of thrown debris, there are a lot of reasons we want to protect our cars. But there is no need to spend the money on an entire garage addition to your home when a carport will suffice.

Benefits of Carports

It’s not commonly known that carports, especially those at Florida Shed, can be easily modified to serve nearly identical purposes to that of garages, sheds, and even barns!

  • Store one or multiple: cars, trucks, or motorcycles
  • Easier to access storage than using your Tampa attic
  • Instead of paying a monthly fee at a storage facility where it is hard to get to your belongings, you can opt for fully enclosed sides and store everything where it is easy to access
  • Create an activity area for anything from wood working, a car shop, hobbies, crafts, and games

Designs We Provide

Our fully customizable models can come equipped as your standard, single car canopy, to a 64’ wide construct with fully enclosed sides.

The Standard: 12’-24’ wide. This is the most budget friendly and popular model we provide. Comes in 3 designs: Regular, vertical roof, or boxed eave.

Certified Triple: This clear span design is our largest available. The Triple’s heavy duty truss system allows it to achieve a 26’-30’ span without any central supports. Perfect for large vehicles and machinery, an outdoor shaded activity area, or storing your ultra light.

Carolina / Horse Barns: This style is the largest style we offer, ranging from a modest 12’ to 40’ wide with additional 12’ sides for a 64’ wide covered addition. And with the option for fully enclosed sides you can use it for anything you might need.

Why Choose Florida Shed Company?

Florida Shed Company has been proudly serving the Tampa Bay area since 1997, providing carports, sheds, and garages that can stand up to our rigid demands for quality and reliability. We strive to assist each of our customers in finding the perfect solution for their homes while matching their budget. It’s been nearly 20 years since we opened our first location, and since then we have opened 2 more, servicing all of Florida. We believe it is our commitment to excellent service, superior craftsmanship, and the most durable and tough materials that all contributed to our success.

  • All of our products meet and exceed Florida’s stringent wind safety requirements.
  • We are a certified Carolina Carports distributor
  • Only the highest quality name brand materials for every addition
  • Delivery and complete installation available
  • Competitive pricing

Not only do we provide Tampa residents with premium quality carports for any budget, but we are also the premier dealers for sheds and garages too! Whether you need a small tool shed or a two story four car, concrete addition, we’re the ones for you.

If you are interested in learning more, or to inquire on pricing, you call us today in Tampa at 727-524-9191, or visit our online price estimator. With our online estimator tool, you get design your very own dream shed right from the comfort of your computer!

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