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Carports can easily create a space for storage and activities for New Port Richey homes that don’t have an existing garage, shed, or barn. Whether you need a place to park your car next to the house, or a place to shelter animals on the ranch, these might be the solution you’re looking for.

Much more cost effective than the addition of a garage or shed of comparable size at your New Port Richey home, these simple units can be customized to serve many similar purposes, including roof to floor walls to keep out inclement weather. And in Florida, we get plenty of it.

Benefits of Carports

Protect Your Vehicles

New Port Richey is exposed to some of the most temperate weather in the country, but it is also some of the hardest on your car. In the summer, the intense UV rays from the sun can slowly damage the paint on your vehicle and cause the plastics in the dashboard to breakdown and crack. Additionally, the intense tropical storms and hurricanes bring harsh wind, rain, and hail. And of course there are year round problems such as falling tree branches and passing birds.

Our carports can be customized to protect:

  • Cars or Trucks
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • RVs
  • Golf Carts
  • Or any other outdoor vehicles!

A Place for Activities

Sometimes it’s hard to find an outdoor space that provides you with level ground, cool shade, shelter from the rain, and a space to create a workshop or place for activities. With a high roof, and optional sidewalls, you can create the ideal space anywhere on your New Port Richey property.


These affordable additions are great for storing everything from garden to farming tools and equipment, to a lawnmower or tractor. With the ability for added sidewalls, carports can easily substitute the more expensive storage alternatives.


If you own a larger property, or raise any kind of livestock, this addition can create a safe place for your animals to bed down at night or take shelter from a storm.

Florida Shed Quality

Since 1997, Florida Shed has used only the highest quality construction, materials, and brand names. We are also proud to be a certified distributor for Carolina Carports, the go-to brand for the best additions available for your New Port Richey home. Every design we offer is rated to meet and exceed Florida’s stringent wind requirements, so you can rest easy knowing your new addition will weather the storm.

Custom Carports

With our new online design tool you can easily add and remove custom options to create your dream unit, all for the price that is best for you. The highly customizable carports we carry for our New Port Richey clients come in three styles:

  • Certified Triples – Spanning a staggering 26’-30’ with no central support, these are our widest clear-span models. Perfect for housing anything from tractors to ultralights.
  • Standard Buildings – The standard 12’-24’ offers optional sides to turn this carport into an enclosed garage, barn, or other storage space. These are the most economical alternative to building an entire garage.
  • Carolina Barn Buildings – With a maximum width of up to 64’, this is our largest available design. With a central span of 12’-40’ and the option for additional 12’ sides, you can fit virtually anything.

To design your own custom unit, or have a more detailed look at all of the thousands of different combinations available, visit our online estimator tool now. If you would like to learn more about your options, or get in touch with one of our professional and experienced staff, call us now at (727) 524-9191.

Find out how a custom carport from Florida Shed Company can transform your New Port Richey property!

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