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What if we told you that carports can provide your Clearwater home with all of the same benefits of a garage, but at a fraction of the cost? At Florida Shed, we constantly amaze our customers when we reveal the massive range of uses and customization that is available with this affordable addition.

Florida Weather and the Need for Carports

Although there are some places where it’s not necessary to shelter your car under a carport, Clearwater, Florida is not one of them. Between the intense summer sun and rains, there are plenty of reasons why you would want to protect your vehicle from the weather.

Sun Damage

UV damage from the sun is still a very prevalent problem for car owners. Over the years it can bleach the color from the seats in your vehicle, cause the dashboard and other plastic elements to dry out and crack, and even make the factory hardened paint of your car to fade, crack, and peel.


When the summer rains come in the form of tropical storms and hurricanes, it’s important to know that your vehicle is protected from pounding rain, hail, falling tree limbs, or flying debris.

And in all honesty, sometimes it’s just nice to be able to get into a car that is not upwards of 200 degrees inside during the summer, or to get drenched trying to get to or from your vehicle while it’s pouring down rain.

Other Benefits of Carports

Want to know the best part? The carports we provide at Florida Shed of Clearwater can be customized with floor to ceiling sidewalls to create a complete enclosure, at a fraction of the cost of a garage!

  • Much like the addition of a garage, this can provide you with the ability to store anything you need, from a riding lawnmower, to items you can’t store in the attic.
  • This also can create the perfect location for a workshop for projects such as wood working, painting, machine works, sewing, or working on your car.
  • And because this addition doesn’t need to be attached to your home, if you live in a more rural part of Clearwater, it can even be used to house livestock.

Why Choose Florida Shed?

Since 1997 we have been giving Clearwater residents the ability to find the perfect sheds and carports for their homes at a price that’s right for their budget. When we first opened our doors almost 20 years ago, we started with only a single location, but through a commitment to providing superior products, quality service, and word of mouth recommendations, we have since expanded into 3.

  • Florida Shed is a certified Carolina Carports Inc. Distributor. This means we carry the best of the best name-brand materials and parts that are resistant to rot, fire, and pest damage.
  • When bad weather comes, you can sleep soundly knowing that your addition won’t blow away in the storm. All of our products are fully certified to meet and exceed Florida’s stringent wind ratings.
  • In addition to the highest quality craftsmanship, we also provide installations and offer warranties on many of our products.

Custom Carports We Offer

There are several great styles we offer to Clearwater residents, each of which are completely customizable:

Standard – This style can range from 12’ to 24’ wide and is the most popular and budget friendly choice. It comes with the option for a regular, boxed eave, or vertical roof.

Carolina and Horse Barns – The largest in our catalog, this style can measure between 12’-40’ with the additional 12’ sides, creating a whopping 64’ wide structure!

Certified Triple Carports – Our largest clear-span available, the heavy-duty certified truss system allows for a 26’-30’ span with no central support. This can create the ideal location for storing multiple cars or even larger vehicles such as tractors.

Interested in learning more about all the great additions we can install on your Clearwater property? Please take a minute to visit our online estimator where you can design your very own dream shed, or you can call us today at 727-524-9191!

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