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If you are interested in adding more storage space to your Carrollwood home, adding a carport is the perfect solution. You can store cars, boats, lawn equipment, and so much more with Florida Shed’s custom-built and designed structures. We have been the number one area provider of carports since 1997 and are more than ready to make your home improvement dreams a reality. There are so many ways this addition could benefit you, and we are sure you will agree!

Benefits of Carports in Carrollwood

In Carrollwood, space is valuable and sometimes homes just do not have enough storage. Carports are great ways to free up room around your home, and they also have a list of other benefits.

  • Protection. The hot Florida sun can bake cars, as well as fade or peel paint. Keeping your car in the shade will keep it cool and save you from costly paint touch-ups. Roofed structures like these also protect your property from the damaging effects of hail and high winds.
  • Appearance. If you have a lot of “stuff” around the house, storing it makes your home look neater and more organized. Stash brooms, rakes, mowers, sports equipment, and so much more.
  • Functionality. Personalize your space however you want; create a workspace, barn, office, playhouse and more. Check out our blog for ideas!

Adding a storage structure to your Carrollwood home comes with a long list of benefits, and Florida Shed Company is ready to help you. We guarantee our sheds and garages meet or exceed all safety guidelines required by Florida law, and there is no added installation fee for level surfaces.

High-Quality Materials

All of our buildings are constructed using Smart Panel siding, which offers numerous benefits. This siding is tough; it can handle the harsh Florida weather and is resistant to chips, dents, cracks, and rusting. It also has a very natural look that Carrollwood residents love, and resembles wood in texture and appearance. With a variety of color choices, we are sure that Smart Panel siding is the best choice for a strong, sturdy construction that will last.

A certified Carolina Carports Inc. distributor, we offer a series of styles and materials you can choose for your new addition. Even better, you can use our online estimator to look at all of your choices, design your building exactly how you want it, and get a quote. Choose a:

  • Standard building
  • Barn building
  • Certified triple
  • Certified 40’ wide

All of these choices have additional unique styles that you can choose from, allowing you to personalize your building even further.

Florida Shed’s Estimator Tool

We understand that each and every one of our clients is unique, and we want to assist you with all your home improvement needs. Many people have asked for quotes, and we listened! Our online estimator for garages, sheds, and carports allows you to customize and design your structure right from your home in Carrollwood. You can see all of your options, from colors to sizes, and more, and will be able to get a quote for your ideal building. The estimator will walk you through the following steps:

  • Selecting a building
  • Choosing a style
  • Selecting enclosures (walls, panels, eaves, etc.)
  • Placing doors and windows
  • Picking extras/ add-ons
  • Choosing paint colors

The last page of the estimator will show you the final design with all your specifications and an itemized list of your selections. This tool is perfect for planning, designing, and preparing your addition. You can order it right on the website, and we will come to Carrollwood to set it up.

The Florida Shed Company Difference

What makes Florida Shed Company the best? We use the highest-quality materials available, and our builders are trained and well-practiced in the art of construction. We build our structures with expert craftsmanship and hard work, making sure your project is superior from start to finish. Carports are an excellent way to store, organize, and protect your belongings, and we make installation easy.

If you want to improve your home with the addition of one of our carports, call Florida Shed today at (727) 524-9191. We offer comprehensive assistance, as well as other home services like sheds, garages, and fences.

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