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Choosing the best storage shed is no small feat; there are many factors that go into a decision. How much space you need, what kind of materials you would prefer, what purpose you are using the space for, and, of course, how much it will cost are common concerns. When choosing a detached unit for your item-stashing needs in Sarasota, remember that you get what you pay for, so it will be to your benefit to keep the following in mind.

What Are My Storing Needs?

Before you delve into the practical details of picking a shack or worrying about price, there is a question you ought to ask yourself— what are your storing needs? Sarasota homeowners are no different than any other American; they have stuff they want to stash in an organized manner but also may use their detached space for other things. When picking out the best storage shed for you, do you need:

  • A separated area for putting away the Halloween and Christmas decorations?
  • A place to lounge around while tending your garden?
  • A she-den you can do some yoga or tai-chi in peace and privacy?
  • A man cave for you and your buddies to hang out and drink beer?
  • Some space to convert into a guest room for an in-law, or relative?
  • A common sense solution for all that clutter around the house?

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or all of the above, it is time you start shopping for a shed. Now that you have a particular purpose in mind, you know exactly what amount of space is right for you.

Best Materials for the Best Storage Shed

The best storage shed in Sarasota, or all of Florida for that matter, is not going to come from a big box mart. No, those kinds of mega-marts are only concerned with price points and turnover rate. In their pursuit of profit, the customer is often left by the wayside, with a sad rickety shack made with quarter-inch plywood and nails, instead of screws and glue. If you are looking for a wooden structure, it is important (especially in Florida) for it to be treated against termites and pests. Fortunately, Florida shed Company only uses top quality materials in our projects — no worries about nasty pests chomping away at your investment. And, if you are concerned about breathing in anything unpleasant, the materials being used are green and eco-friendly. In fact, most are rated low in VOC, or volatile organic compounds.

What about Steel and Vinyl?

In some people’s opinions, the best storage shed options always include vinyl or steel. Thankfully, we carry both options for the discerning customer. Steel and vinyl both have the benefit of never fading, unlike traditional painted wood, and both are naturally immune to the ravages of termites and similar nuisances. Steel, however, comes with the added price tag, and since Sarasota is so close to the lightning capital of the world, do you really want a large metal object in your yard? Vinyl is not as cost prohibitive, but, if poorly installed, some models can look like a child’s playhouse. Plus they are not quite as solid as wood or steel. So, with all of that in mind, it is no surprise to see why wood still reigns as the top choice for material today.

Space, Dimensions, and Style Oh My!

Now that you have a purpose in mind, it is time to pick out a style! There is a large variety of styles and dimensions to make any homeowner happy and shout to the heavens ‘this is the best storage shed in the world!’

  • The Gator, one of the more popular models, has great overhead storage.
  • The Buccaneer has a modern design with its angled roof; a good fit for any home!
  • The Elite has a gabled roof, and its overall design is to remind you of shacks of old.
  • The Hurricane is sleek, elegant, and affordable with its pragmatic box design.
  • The Seminole is shorter and elongated, which makes it perfect for gardening or hanging out.
  • The Lean-to is a must if you want space attached seamlessly to your house.

No matter your need, if you are a homeowner in Sarasota, any one of these designs will be bound to make you happy!

Adjustable Pricing

Finally, we arrive at the most dreaded part of any potential purchase —the price tag. The best storage shed can run into the thousands of dollars, this is true, but if you do not add all the bells and whistles and stick to only what you need to compliment your Sarasota home, you will be pleasantly surprised! Kits at the big box stores are advertised for their low price, but you should consider the unseen costs: the time and energy required of you for assembly! For your time, peace of mind, and staying out of the hot sun, go with your friendly local Sarasota professionals to install your new man cave.

Florida Shed: Your Storing Solution Experts

You are an American, you have stuff you need to securely hold that will not cluster up your home, or maybe you are looking for some personal space outdoors. In any event, you need the best storage shed you can reasonably afford, and the fine folks at Florida Shed have been helping Sarasota homeowners like you for years, assisting you with finding your perfect solution. So, if you are tired of tripping over items scattered about your home, give us a call today.

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