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If you need custom structures, you want the best shed company in Sarasota. Whether you want to create an area where you can store some of your extra belongings or you would like to create a personalized man cave, our team can help you design it. We have paired our imaginations with quality materials to make horse barns, playhouses, and even yoga huts. As you can see, we are willing to take an idea, run with it, and make it as great as possible!

Our Structures

Central Florida has a diverse population, and the interests of Sarasota County residents are wide-ranging. As a result, people need the proper storage to accommodate their interests. We have assisted ranchers, boaters, bikers, and more, so let us help you! Designers and builders from the best shed company specialize in a variety of buildings, including:


Since we are the best shed company near Tampa Bay, we’ve made it part of our company name! While our other services are just as high quality, this is our specialty. Lately, we have seen a growing trend in outbuildings personalized for male and female owners. Man caves do not have to be underground or in a basement, and your lady lounge can sparkle in the sunlight. Our builders can show you examples that we have created for Sarasota residents, or we can work together to design something entirely unique!

If you have a horse ranch, we can construct a barn to fit your Missouri Fox Trotters, Morgans, or miniatures. However many stalls you need, we can do it. Some of our clients have had us create storage attachments to hold the feed, hay, shavings, and more. Your Thoroughbreds and Appaloosas will have protection from the elements, whether it is a record high temp or gale force winds. Of course, the most popular option in Sarasota continues to be the traditional shack-style to house your landscaping, lawn care, and gardening tools. Keep your garage clean by storing the mower and spades elsewhere.


Too many homes in central Florida lack a garage, but that does not mean you cannot have one. As the best shed company, we offer kits so that you can customize the parking space to your specifications. Whether you need four bays, two stories, or double-wide doors, we can point you toward the most suitable option. Not everyone keeps their vehicles in the garage. You might be more interested in creating an auto body or workshop. Whether you want to renovate your 1950 Chevy or make some bookshelves with your bandsaw, you can do so in a designated space. Let the best shed company help you out!


Again, garages are not a guarantee in Sarasota, so you might be responsible for figuring out a canopy for your cars, boats, and motorcycles. Not only are carports a more affordable alternative to garages, but they are also easier to put together. You can add one to the side of your house or have one stand alone on your property. The best shed company can help you identify which option is the most fitting from our selection of options— boxed eaves, vertical roofs, regular, certified triples, and more!


Fences are a ‘must’, and we can install yours in no time! You get privacy, protection, and a clean look for your property. If your adjacent neighbor’s yard is unsightly, you can raise a fence and keep it out of view. With our vast selection of materials in Sarasota, you can choose from steel, aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Each of these has perks (water-resistant, more color choices, etc.) and potential pitfalls (more expensive, more stain maintenance, etc.) We will discuss your preferences and price range to help you locate the fence you need.
When you need a custom structure, barrier, or outbuilding, let us help you accomplish the task!

What Makes FL Shed the Best Shed Company?

For all of your structural needs, contact Florida Shed, the best shed company around! We pride ourselves on communicating clearly from the start of a project to the final walkthrough after construction is complete. We also offer top quality materials and expert installation, so your fences and carports are built to last. Do not settle for average in Sarasota — call us!

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