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Florida Shed is the best Florida garage company that wants to help you make your next project a reality. As a resident of the Sunshine State you know the importance of having a place that provides your property with extra shade. And as a homeowner you know the convenience of having as much storage space as possible. Whatever your needs are, our professionals will meet them with quality products and services.

A Model for Every Need

We offer custom designed configurations, styles and sizes to fit every home. These are some of our example options:


The Buccaneer has a contemporary design that will fit in perfectly with any home .These are very versatile models that we offer at the best Florida garage company and can range from a children’s play area to a four car storage space. You can also easily match paint and shingle colors to the already existing ones that decorate your home.

  • One Story Concrete Buccaneer: An attractive space that fits up to two cars and is the perfect design for the average home. This option is easily accommodating and comes with a double wide door for easy access, 8’ sidewall, and the option to put in windows and doors.
  • Two Story Buccaneer: If you need to add a second floor for even more space, the best Florida garage company gives homeowners the option with this design.
  • Two Story Concrete or Wood Buccaneer: This is the largest model that we offer to our customers through our company. There is enough room in this option to store up to four vehicles. Not only is there enough room for all of that but it also comes with a second floor and balcony for even more space for whatever you please!


Our Gator models are some of our most popular. The raised rafter design offers plenty of overhead storage room and with plenty of sizes available through the best Florida garage company. It can range from a basic unit to anything that your needs require.

  • 3 Car Gator: The 3 Car Gator comes with three individual rolling doors for easy accessibility.
  • Gator Super Shed: This model can have one or up to four bays and built with a complete upstairs. This is an option that gives homeowners the freedom to have it all and have it fit in perfectly to their already existing property.

We Are the Best Florida Garage Company

Some contractors believe that they are saving you money by cutting corners when it comes to the quality materials. However, cutting corners will reduce durability, life expectancy, and cost you much more down the road.

As the best Florida garage company, we pride ourselves on building with only high quality materials to ensure the upmost satisfaction for years to come. Smart Panel is the material that we use on all of our buildings, that has plywood siding with a 7/16th inch tempered hardboard face. Smart Panel Siding also has a natural look that matches the textured appearance, warmth, and beauty of traditional rough sawn wood. It resists dents, chips, and cracks, so upkeep is minimal.

As the best Florida garage company, we have been building in the Tampa Bay area since 1997 and have 18 years of experience and professionalism that you are looking for as a customer. If you are in need of a new or a replacement garage, shed, carport, or fence, then we are the company for you. For more information on any of our services or to get started right away give to get our office a call today.

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