Benefits of Adding a New Garage

When space and budget permit, a garage makes a great addition for storage, work, and play areas, not to mention they can significantly increase the value of your Lutz home. If you’re thinking about adding space to your house but aren’t sure whether the investment is sound, consider all the things you can do with an add-on area.

Work Space

Whether you use it for hobbies or professional projects, you’ll have plenty of space to make a mess. An area like this is great for painting or wood working because you can make a mess without worrying about damage to the interior of your Lutz home.

If you like to fix up old cars or even make repairs to your current automobile, you can open your door and do so in a well-ventilated area. Musicians can practice, record, and edit in garages without the noise from other rooms in the house interfering with focus or quality.

Depending on your budget, you may even choose to finish your garage so that it is a usable office space separate from your home.

Play Space

If you’d prefer to use your space for entertainment, consider converting it into a man cave. With the right set up, this could be the perfect place for the guys to watch the Superbowl or have a weekly poker night.

You can also use them as a game room or play space for kids if there isn’t enough space in the main part of your house for a pool table or dart board. Plus, you don’t risk billiard balls or darts flying out of control and breaking picture frames or plasma TVs.

Storage Space

More traditionally, people use garages for storing power tools, sports equipment, seasonal decorations, pool toys, and gardening tools.

They also make a great shelter for your car during Lutz’s volatile hurricane season, so you don’t have to worry about stray branches damaging your vehicle.

A Custom Garage with the Florida Shed Company

No matter what your needs may be, Florida Shed Company of Lutz builds customized garages that would be the perfect addition for any home in need. Give us a call today at (727) 349-1616, and we’ll get you started building the space you need at an affordable price.

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