4 Alternate Uses for Your Carport

A carport is an excellent choice for vehicle protection in Brandon because installation is quick and it’s more affordable than adding to or building a garage. But the options for usage don’t stop there.

Canopy for Outdoor Spaces

If you enjoy spending time outside, consider installing one of our frames to use as a canopy in your yard. We know that trees only offer so much shade in Brandon, so this is an inexpensive solution. Customize one to go over any:

  • Deck
  • Pool
  • Hot tub
  • Patio

A carport will guard your outdoor space from the intense heat and rain. You can even create a more private space by adding sides. Are you tired of skimming leaves from your pool or sweeping them off the patio? Our custom structures can help lighten your workload while protecting you from harmful UV rays and keeping you cooler. Lanais can get expensive, so consider this more affordable option.

Outdoor Entertaining

Do you enjoy hosting the neighborhood barbecue? Or maybe you like to wine and dine with a few close friends. Whatever the case, a carport is the key to entertaining outdoors in Brandon. A lot of work goes into throwing a party, and there is no reason you should spend energy worrying about what to do if Mother Nature is feeling fickle. Your guests will have refuge from the hot sun or rain, so there’s no need to move a party indoors if the weather shifts unexpectedly.


If you have a green thumb, you know how harsh Florida weather can be on the plants in your garden. Our structures will guard your plants and lengthen the gardening season. Whether you grow vegetables and herbs or succulents and flowers, you need to protect your plants from the elements. A frame provides the perfect groundwork for a durable greenhouse.

Shelter for Animals

With record highs in the summer and a rainy season that runs from May to October, it’s necessary to provide relief for animals kept outside. Keep your horses or goats cool and dry by installing a carport on your farm in Brandon. Raising a barn is expensive, so choose one of our custom frames. The same goes for pets kept outdoors. This shelter will keep your critters healthy and happy. If you’d like, you have the choice to include sides and shelving to your structure. It could be a place to store straw, hay or animal feed.

Florida Shed Carport Solutions

Carports can be used for so much more than vehicle protection, and we can make your ideas a reality. Visit our home page to use the price estimator and see how affordable our options are. Call Florida Shed in Brandon at 727-831-5094 for your garage, shed and fencing needs.

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