3 Ways to Use Your She Shed For Play

With she sheds sweeping the nation, there are countless creative ways for you to use the additional space. Of course, added storage is a bonus, but we like to see clients who take the premise further. Some ladies local to Largo might consider using the structure to:

Get Your Craft On

Whether you build wooden bookends, weave tapestries or repurpose vintage furniture, it is helpful to have a separate space for the activity. Not only are your supplies all in one place, but you can distance noisy tools, like table saws, from your home. By designing a space specifically for your discipline of choice, you can cut out distractions like push notifications and the allure of Netflix. If your pals like to paint or create, consider hosting a party where everyone can bring a project that they would like to work on. Wine is always helpful to get the artistic juices flowing!
Host a Book Club
Another way to bring your dear friends together in your she shed is by hosting a book club. If you plan to spend a lot of leisure time in your personal space, you should give attention to:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Comfortable furniture
  • End tables
  • Mini bar
  • Air circulation

Since Largo can get muggy, we can advise you in which method of air circulation to choose. That way, your guests aren’t distracted by sweaty, stuffy setting. Not only does soft lighting and comfy seating create an excellent area in which to wind down independently, but it will also make your guests feel relaxed and ready for discussion. Whether you dive into mysteries, romance novels, the classics, or young adult literature, you’re sure to learn something new!

Develop a Personal Yoga Practice

Are you ready to bring yoga into your Largo home? Cut out distractions by using your she shed to meditate with these ancient movements. Consider painting the walls to align with one of the chakras, and keep incense or oil lamps nearby. Perhaps you want to install support beams for an aerial swing, or maybe you want to put in a sound system to enhance your flow. Whatever the case, you won’t be able to nama-stay out of your new meditation chamber!

Let Our Team Help You Design a Unique She Shed

When it comes to she sheds for Largo ladies, there are limitless possibilities! No idea is too far-fetched, so call 727-524-9191 to discuss construction options. We also provide:

With so many structures to choose from, you’ll have trouble selecting which one to start with!

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